MetaDefender Kiosk 4.2.11 Application Release

Product Overview

MetaDefender Kiosk offers a solution to protect organizations by acting as a checkpoint for data on USB drives and other media devices, providing the ability to detect, control, and sanitize digital data before it enters or leaves a secure network.  

MetaDefender Kiosk allows you to set filters to permit or block content based on file size, file type, and multiple antivirus scan results and then sanitizes files to remove embedded threats, quarantine blocked files, or copy allowed files to trusted media or network locations. Additionally, you can configure specific workflows for individual users or groups within your organization using domain or system accounts to authenticate users. 

New in this Release

  • Wipe multiple devices in single session- Multiple devices can be inserted at the wipe option selection screen for the wipe to be performed on all devices mounted.
  • Warning message- A warning message is displayed before the session results screen if any file is not processed by MetaDefender.


  • Backup server selection when the primary MetaDefender instance is unable to process files- The decision to use a backup MetaDefender server has been enhanced to ensure a primary MetaDefender instance is not used when it is unable to process files. Any MetaDefender instance that reports problematic issues will be noted on the Mgmt Console and the issue logged in the application log.
  • Syslog message format for TCP- Some syslog messages were missing line breaks which caused parsing issues for some syslog management systems when receiving data over TCP
  • Enhanced retry mechanism for files that are unable to be opened- Certain files have some permissions that block Kiosk from accessing them to upload the file to MetaDefender for processing. The ability to retry on these files and allow for successful upload has been enhanced.  This does not apply to locked system files.
  • Processing an iPhone with iTunes installed- After installing iTunes and then selecting files from an iPhone to process, the selected files would not be processed.  Functionality has been restored.

Release details

  • Product: MetaDefender Kiosk 
  • Release Date: XX Jan 2019
  • Release Notes: 4.2.11
  • Download Link on OPSWAT Portal: Download