New Entry

Industry colleagues recently forwarded to me a link to which includes a summary and table of contents of a content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) research report offered for purchase and download.  I did not purchase or download the report, but I did briefly scanned the table of contents and summary.  In so doing, I noticed that:

  1. The factors expected to drive growth in the CDR market by double digits, are the growing number of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), ransomware, and zero-day attacks; and the increasing number of malware and file-based attacks.
  2. Several of the vendors listed in the “Company Profiles” section of the table of contents have approached OPSWAT to license our CDR technology for their use on an OEM basis.
  3. The summary makes no mention of a 2018 US government study of CDR solutions which rated OPSWAT as “best” of solutions tested. I encourage OPSWAT customers and prospects interested in seeing, under non-disclosure agreement, data from this study to contact us at referencing “USG study” in the comments field.

 Learn more about OPSWAT CDR here.