OESIS Framework

A Powerful Endpoint Security Software Development Platform

OESIS Framework is a cross platform, open development framework that enables software engineers and technology vendors to develop products that detect, classify and manage thousands of third-party software applications.

Extending past the ability to simply detect antivirus and the status of real-time protection, OESIS enables solutions to go beyond the capabilities of WMI to fully assess and manage not just antivirus and firewall applications, but also backup clients, public file sharing, antiphishing, VPN clients, and many other types of endpoint applications. This technology can help network access protection (NAP) providers, including SSL VPN and NAC, implement features for checking endpoint health and compliance.

How Does OESIS Work?

OESIS Framework consists of software development libraries, source code, and XML files, and provides 5 modules for software management

5 Modules + 5 Technologies

Endpoint Compliance Module

Detect and classify over 5000 applications installed on any endpoint, assess and remediate application-specific settings that are installed on any endpoint and enables organizations like yours to monitor and manage these applications.  

Endpoint Application Removal Module

Supports the removal of over 2,000 application versions of both enterprise and consumer software without any end user interaction, including anti-malware, personal firewall, anti-phishing, public file sharing clients, botware, toolbars, adware, backup or cloud-sync applications, potential unwanted applications, and corrupted applications.  

Endpoint Malware Detection Module

Use signature, heuristics, and machine learning (AI) to detect a wide variety of threats at the gateway before they enter a network, and use process scanning, connection scanning, and repeated threat reporting to provide an additional layer of malware detection. 

Data Protection Module

Monitor endpoints for any removable media that end users insert and prevent them from connecting to any unexamined portable media, including flash drives, memory cards, SIM cards, CDs, DVDs and smart phones.  

Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment Module

Detect over 23,000 common vulnerabilities and exposures.  Confirms that all critical third-party applications are up to date.  Scans all connected devices for vulnerabilities.  Supports over 800 products from various market leaders.  Helps your organization avoid regulatory and internal compliance violations by helping you ensure that devices are up-to-date and secure.   

Benefits and Capabilities

Scalable and Flexible

It provides a very scalable and flexible API that enables developers to use most popular programming languages (like GO, C++, C#, JAVA, Python, Perl, etc.) to integrate OPSWAT technologies into their solutions. Both the SDK and the solutions created with the SDK can work on the most popular operating systems.

Modular and Lightweight

It is built around the industry-standard JSON data-interchange format, creating a simple, extensible interface that provides advanced endpoint management functionality. It is easy to configure, enabling you to fine-tune usage. It requires few system resources, making it lightweight and nimble. Its modular software architecture can quickly be integrated into any endpoint solution, with minimal effect on system performance and resource consumption.

Compliance and Compatibility

The OPSWAT Access Control Certification Program powers the OESIS endpoint compliance module. Anti-malware, endpoint patch management, and endpoint encryption vendors use this program to certify their products for quality, false positives, and compatibility with over 1,000 devices from over 40 leading access control vendors.

Robust and Comprehensive

It supports over 5000 security applications from more than 600 vendors in 15 different categories and more than 100,000 customized implementations for product signatures.