Professional Services

Maximize success with your OPSWAT products.

Work with our Product experts to ensure that you have the appropriate configurations, best practices, and proper training to take full advantage of the power of OPSWAT!

File Upload Assessment

Have OPSWAT Professional Services assess the security of your file upload service and provide guidance on how you can improve that security.

We use our proven cybersecurity assessment methodology to analyze your file upload service and generate an assessment report and follow-up discussion of our findings and our recommendations. Topics covered include:

  • Network architecture diagram that describes your organization’s current file upload process and protection.
  • Results of our Security Assessment, including:
    • Penetration Test with 10 Zero-day “attacks” using pseudo malware on document files.
  • Examination of resiliency of threats based on OPSWAT’s big data repository
    • Report on recent malware your AV might have missed
    • Report on time to discover of new malware for your AV
  • Tests of influx of sensitive data such as:
    • Credit cards
    • Social Security Cards
    • PII test
  • Compliance Resiliency tests, such as:
    • PCI compliance
    • GDPR compliance
    • HIPAA compliance
  • Recommendations for improvements

Implementation Services

OPSWAT’s Implementation Services are ideal for customers who want to implement OPSWAT quicker, with confidence that products have been implemented correctly and optimally. Let Implementation Services help you reduce your time to value and quickly implement the core capabilities of your OPSWAT solutions.

Your Implementation Services package is tailored to your needs, based on the following framework:

  • Optimize the installation and configuration of OPSWAT products based on your business use cases, network environment, and file set characteristics.
  • Provide technical guidelines and examples of ingress and egress integrations that fit your data flow use cases.
  • Run a validation test using your own "real world" data/file examples.
  • Recommend best practices to administer the products optimally for your environment.
  • Introduce optimal processes  for working with OPSWAT Support.
  • Facilitate integration with third-party services or internal systems.

Product Training

Learn from our experts to get the greatest value out of our products. We offer several different training packages:

  • Product courses: Have one of our experts train your team on our products using our pre-defined training package, which includes lectures and hands-on labs. Courses can be conducted at your facility or over a web-session.
  • Custom-tailored courses: Talk to us about building a custom course specific to your needs and current knowledge level.
  • Advanced courses: Take a deep dive into our integration points like our REST API, external scanner, or post action features.
  • “Floor-walking” based training: Have one of our experienced trainers "walk the floor" of your offices responding to individual queries, problems, and tasks.