Secure Device Access

As an increasing number of organizations migrate to the Cloud, coupled with the rise of BYOD, the need has never been greater for cloud access control and device management. OPSWAT protects organizations from device based threats by preventing risky devices from accessing local networks and cloud applications such as Office 365, Salesforce and Dropbox. Using MetaAccess, threat intelligence and compliance technologies, OPSWAT performs extensive security and compliance checks, as well as remediation, before allowing devices to connect to local networks and cloud applications. OPSWAT also offers APIs to add cloud access control to your existing security solutions. Offering intuitive end user experiences, flexible polices and configurations, OPSWAT helps you achieve compliance and device security at a reasonable initial cost and a low ongoing overhead expense. 


MetaAccess protects against device based threats. It secures corporate data by ensuring that only compliant devices are allowed to access local networks and cloud applications. It helps organizations meet regulatory requirements through zero-day detection, classification, assessment, and management of more than 5,000 security applications backed by OPSWAT’s industry-leading certification program. MetaAccess provides full application inventory tracking, vulnerability classification, and helps IT organizations prioritize patch management. It also prevents malware infections by offering unique threat detection with multiscanning technologies combined with portable media content inspection and access control. It has an intuitive end user experience and provides full visibility to security administrators. 

MetaAccess enables us to provide our many users with increased usability, and secure network and resources access, while maintaining a high level of security for the bank’s network.

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Large global bank

MetaAccess Platform

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