Incident Response and Malware Analysis

Fast and Accurate Malware Analysis, On-Premise or in the Cloud

The amount of malware is growing exponentially, creating an ever-increasing backlog of incidents to investigate. Malware analysts and incident response teams need an efficient and effective solution to help them handle it all. 

Our MetaDefender advanced threat prevention platform delivers superior malware detection and accuracy with fewer false positives.  MetaDefender also provide seamless integration into analysis workflows to give malware analysts and incident response teams a product that will easily integrate with other malware analysis solutions.

Benefits of Multiscanning and File Reputation Technology

Over 30 Anti-Malware Engines Under a Single Flexible and Programmable Interface

Keeping up with today's sophisticated attackers demands the best threat intelligence. Our multiscanning technology provides fast and accurate file scanning and reputation decisions using more than 30 leading anti-malware engines. By integrating MetaDefender into your threat analysis architecture and workflow using our API, you can get results when you need them.

Keep Your Files Private, Even in the Cloud

Data privacy is especially important to consider when evaluating malware analysis solutions. MetaDefender can either run on-premises for maximum privacy, or at high speed in the cloud, but with complete privacy. Our paid MetaDefender Cloud subscription options preserve your data privacy, so your files are never seen by organizations other than your own.

The Only Solution with Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR)

Aside from privacy, speed, and flexibility, OPSWAT is the only file reputation and malware analysis provider that offers deep content disarm and reconstruction (Deep CDR). Deep CDR eliminates document-borne malware and infiltrations hidden in productivity files, reducing your overall incident response load. Original files are saved and quarantined so that they can be scanned and analyzed later.

OPSWAT Delivers Fast and Accurate Malware Analysis

EDR and Malware Analysis Partnerships

Many leading IT organizations use MetaDefender through our technology partnerships and integrations. Explore our partnerships with RSA and InQuest for further information about our malware analysis technology integrations.

Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR)

See how our deep content disarm and reconstruction technologies eliminate document-borne malware.


Fast and accurate multiscanning and file reputation using more than 30 leading anti-malware engines.

MetaDefender Solutions

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